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The project

The coaster.cloud is a pure database of amusement parks and attractions.

We collect primarily technical data such as altitude, ride time or the type of attraction or park. You won't find long texts, stories, news or ratings here. coaster.cloud is about purely objective information. This data is maintained atomically so that later processing of the data is not limited. You can read, search and filter this data on our website.

This is a community project, which can only exist through the participation of many people. We are happy therefore for every contribution. No matter whether you maintain a complete new park or fix technical data of an existing attraction - any help is welcome. All you need is a free registration.

Open Coaster Interface

We offer you the possibility to request this data automatically via our Open Coaster Interface (OCI), to integrate them into your own project (e.g. an app, blog, website).

Open Coaster Interface provides you with parks and attraction data via GraphQL. You can filter and / or search these data via parameters. Individual queries are possible to perfectly complement the content of your project with our technical data.

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