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Count rides

coaster.cloud gives you the opportunity to count all your attraction rides. It does not matter whether it is a roller coaster, water ride, slide or a flat ride. You can count them all - or just a part. It’s your choice!

Awesome statistics

How often did you ride an attraction? How many meters did you ride on a roller coaster? What was your fastest ride? You can see these and other awesome statistics in your profile and share them with your friends. Take a look at a our profile to see some examples.

Your favourite rides?

What's your favorite attraction? Which ones are in your top 20? On coaster.cloud you can rate each attraction. Soon you will also have the possibility to create your personal top or flop lists.

Mobile app
Your theme park app

coaster.cloud is your companion in the theme park. Download the app for Android or iPhone for your next visit to get attraction info even easier and count your rides even faster. Of course, the app is completely free and ad-free.







Community project

This is a community project, which can only exist through the participation of many people. We are happy therefore for every contribution. No matter whether you maintain a complete new park or fix technical data of an existing attraction - any help is welcome. With a free registration you can add new data or update existing ones. All park and attraction changes are logged. In addition to the idea of transparency, the log also serves as tribute for your contribution.

All theme park related data are published under Creative Common (CC) licenses and can therefore be copied and used by anyone as long as the license conditions are met. Text data is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. Different Create Common licenses can be used for images. These are noted on the respective image.