Our data are published under the Create Commons license CC-BY-ND Version 4. The complete license text can be viewed on [Creative Commons] ( The most important points of the license are briefly summarized here. You are allowed to use and copy the data without asking for any purpose as long as you follow the conditions (BY and ND).

The license refers to all parking and attraction data. Regardless of whether you copy these yourself or fetch by our Open Coaster Interface.

By using the data, you agree our terms of use.

Commercial usage

In short: We also allow a commercial usage. Wether you earn money with your project or not: As long you aware the conditions of this license we allow you any commercial purpos. But please beware, that most parks only allow commercial usage of pictures only after consultation.

See licens text at Creative Commons.

No modification (ND)

The license does not allow changes to our data outside of This has an important background: we want to share data. And if data needs improvements, of course everyone wants to benefit from this improvements. For example, if you find a bug that a roller coaster is 60 meters high instead of 55 meters, we expect you to adjust this bug on and not just in your project.

Furthermore, we are pleased if you also add missing data on and not exclusively in your project - for example, if you know the length of a roller coaster in addition to the height and this is missing on

Of course, this does not mean that you have to maintain everything on What represent your project, should stay in your project!

Attribution (BY)

You must give appropriate credit if you are using data or images from this project. We expect a copyright notice which contains the name of the creator, the license, and the current date when you copied the data. In addition, the copyright notice must contain a link to the creator - if possible. We do not give a concrete formatting.

The creator of text data is always This attribution is sufficient at any point:

© 2019 Technical data of [] ( under CC-BY-ND

For images, the creator is always the author. The attribution must be done directly under the image ($NAME and $URL with author / link).

© 2019 Image of [$NAME] (https://$URL) under CC-BY-ND