We are pleased that you are interested in supporting The aim of this project is that anyone may supplement, correct and query data completely free of charge. Every support counts: No matter if you mantain a complete park, corrects a spelling mistake or updates missing information. To make your contribution as simple as possible, we try to keep the hurdles very low. In order to protect us from spam, a contributor account on is necessary if you want to submit data. An account is completely free of charge and done in a few minutes. After a successful registration you are user of Login and open this page to become contributor. Afterwards you can maintain park and attraction data.


We want to be transparent. Therefore, we log every change to a park or attraction with the current time, type of change, the contributor and the changed record. Everyone can see these logs and exactly determine who made which change. Your logs will be shown in a Heatmap on your profile page. In addition to the idea of transparency, the log also serves as tribute for your contribution.


There are a few rules that need to be followed so that contribution works smoothly:

  1. The form fields are filled only with the designated data
  2. Do not provide prohibited / illegal content
  3. Do not give any guess or falsehoods
  4. Only edit records if necessary
  5. The deletion of records without reason is prohibited
  6. Only pictures created by yourself may be uploaded
Become contributor

As contributor you can submit and correct data and images. By clicking on the button "Become a contributor now" you confirm that you have read and accepted the license terms and the rules in addition to the terms of use.

Contact community has a Slack channel to communicate directly with each other. Slack is free of charge and can be used with PC as well with mobile phone. You can contact the operators of this project, find others contributors and get notifications for new changes. You get also help for maintaining data or using the web service there.